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Another new service available from Donna's Garage in March

Struggling to look at those ghastly alloys that you've scraped on the curb several times??

The good news is you can now book your car alloys in for a full repair at Donna's garage in March, as we are now official installers of WHEELUV Alloy Protectors.

Welcome to WHEELUV - now available to book at Donna's MOT and Tyre Centre in March.

We’ve all been there. You were aiming to park nice and close to the kerb with precision and grace. But then you hear it… That painful sound of scraping and scratching against the concrete. Nooooo! But don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, and now at Donna's Garage in March we’ve got you covered with WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors.

WHEELUV™ alloy protectors are designed to look like they were part of the original design. And because they don’t affect the car's wheel balance, your car will handle like normal.

So, here's the lowdown on all of the benefits of WHEELUV™ alloy protectors:


Injection moulded into a circular shape, the protector has structural integrity and a structural joining piece that creates a complete circle. This distributes the forces from the vehicle motion, helping to keep your protectors on your wheels.


The polymers used to create the protector and structural clip are entirely bespoke to us, with class leading anti-UV modifiers added. They're the same type of polymers that are used to make train buffers – yes, they really are that impact resistant!


The alloy protectors are fitted to the wheel using a strong, technically advanced, premium grade 3M VHB structural bonding tape.


The alloy protectors will fit any 15″ to 22″ wheel.


No effect on wheel balance so your car will handle just like normal. We are so confident about this we even had Hunter Pro-Align put WHEELUV’s effect on wheel balance to the test!


Tough protection for your wheels from scratches and scrapes when you make impact with the kerb.

To get your wheels protected just give Donna's MOT & Tyre Centre a call on 01354 651790 and one of our expert technicians will answer ay questions you have and get you booked in!


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