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Guide to buying a used car - Donna's Garage, Cambridgeshire

Are you ready to buy a car but aren't sure of the best time to buy? Here at Donna's MOT & Tyre Centre in March we can help guide you with when and what to look out for when buying.

Like most things, you can expect prices to drop during certain months of the year, so to get yourself a fab deal and save yourself some money on new and used cars make sure you do your research. September and March can be great months to start looking to buy as it is just after the new number plate formats are introduced.

Don't ever feel pressured into saying yes to the first car you see. You may fall in love with the aesthetic of the car but what's under the bonnet? Have you done all the necessary checks before signing on the dotted line and driving off the forecourt? It's very easy to get caught up in colour and to be moved by models, but there is no point in saying yes to something pretty but powerless!

It's not always easy buying a used car, whether it's from a dealership or private. So we have compiled a checklist for you to take into consideration before you buy.

donnas mot and tyre centre in march, cambridgeshire - guide to buying second hand cars

Cash or Finance

Will you be paying up front for your vehicle or getting it on finance? As with any other big purchases, never buy beyond your means. Work out your finances first, see what you can afford a d always have some cash as a back up for a rainy day or incase of any repairs needed. Cars over the 3 year point generally start to need more work carried out on them. They get tired as they get older just like we do!

Keep tabs of used car prices

There are lots of brilliant online sites now that you can save and scour. Monitor the car prices so you know if the prices you are being offered are accurate and this will help stop you from being ripped off! Sales people can smell a rookie a mile off, so you want to go into that dealership calm, confident and full of knowledge.

Check and check again

Don't leave an inch of the paperwork unread. The following should be gone over with a fine tooth comb - V5C Logbook, Service Record, Sales Receipts.

Inspect the vehicle

Get your magnifying glasses out and get on your hands and knees to inspect the vehicle. If there is nothing to hide, the dealership or private seller won't have an issue with you doing this. Always inspect the vehicles in daylight and good weather! You would be surprised what rain and faux lighting can hide on a vehicle.

Try before you buy

Take an extended test drive. This is crucial to see for yourself that the car drives as it should. How does it sound when you start it up? Does it make any sounds that it shouldn't? Before you take it for a spin, make sure you have the correct t insurance in place to be able to test drive.

Is everything where it should be?

Have a look in the glove box for the handbook, ask for any spare keys to be visible. Check that spare wheels are where they should be along with tool kits and Jack's. The fiddly little things like SD cards often get overlooked but these what seems small in the buying stage can cause much headache and expense if missed now in the future!

Seal the deal

When you have picked out your new wheels, have agreed on a price and are ready to buy, be sure to get all of the Ts&Cs in writing with receipts for your records. When it comes to paying, we always advise to be careful with large amounts of money. Bank transfers are safer if possible. But where cash is the only option, always make sure when buying privately that you meet at the sellers home address.

We hope this helps you in your used or new car buying journey and if we can help you with your vehicle checks, MOT, Tyres or Service get in touch with us here at Donna's Garage today on 01354 651790. We have over 25 years experience and are happy to help all of our previous customers and new ones alike!

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