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Now We Make Custom Number Plates!

It's been a busy Summer so far at Donna's MOT and Tyre Centre in March Cambridgeshire, and we've had some fantastic Google reviews from new customers in the past few weeks, so thank you!

From car and motorbike MOT's to servicing campervans, we've done it all so far this month - and on top of the new auto repair and spray paint service we started with our new spray booth, we've also added another string to our bow in the form of making new number plates from scratch!

new number plates custome registration plates for car best number plate maker - Donna's MOT and Tyre Centre in March Cambridgeshire

Yes you heard us correctly - if you're searching for a number plate maker online, look no further - at Donna's MOT and Tyre Centre you can call us or get in touch via our website to let us know what number plate you need making, and we can provide you with a custom made number plate for your vehicle.

It's early days but we've already made quite a few standard number plates for our customers, as well as a handful of carbon custom made number plates for cars and motorbikes. However, if you're looking for a custom made number plate in a specialised shape, we will need you to give us 48 hrs notice in order to make it before you collect.

Some people may be searching for a cheap number plate maker, however at Donna's Garage we're also able to offer something a little bit more exciting - a 3d gel or 4d plastic custom number plate, which will really make your vehicle stand out.

Whether it's for your car, motorbike or van, a custom made number plate makes a fantastic gift for a family member; you can even add your own flag or add a picture in the background - the perfect novelty gift for a bedroom door, or a great way of reserving parking spaces in the company carpark!

And remember - if you're getting a new number plate you must register it with the DVLA.


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