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Power Clean Your Car With Forté Carbon Cleaning at Donna's Garage

It's a fact that clean car engines perform better. That's why over 8,000 garages in the UK choose to use the Forté Power-Clean range. And now, we have it at Donna's MOT & Tyre Centre in March - and our customers are loving it so far!

With over 40 years of providing premium car products to the motor trade, Forté Power-Clean are leaders in the field of vehicle engine cleaning.

Forté Power-Clean is a highly effective system which cleans and flushes out soot, ash and other contamination whilst restoring the vehicle's original operation. It allows direct cleaning of a vehicle’s problem areas using specially formulated treatments. It allows direct cleaning of fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber, without the need to remove injectors or dismantle the engine. It also cleans turbines & variable geometry vanes of diesel turbochargers - again without dismantling the engine. A special tool injects the Forté cleaner directly into the air-intake to get rid of contamination from the inlet manifold and can also be effective on vehicle EGR Valves.

Forté Power-Clean AC uses the latest technology to safely and effectively remove bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odours from deep within the air conditioning system of a vehicle.

Modern A/C systems are extremely efficient at managing a vehicle’s internal temperature, however, modern evaporators are not only difficult for a technician to access but also provide the ideal dark, damp, warm conditions that encourage bacterial growth.

We initially had the pleasure of using Forté Power-Clean on this little classic (petrol car), which was running slow and being generally sluggish. We tried new spark plugs and some fuel treatment without seeing any improvement, so thought we would try the newly obtained Forté Power-Clean machine.

Well - it worked a treat and the car is now back to its' former glory. So this machine is very much tried and tested and we are very happy with the results! We have also had had some very good results from owners of diesel vehicles.

Check out our Vechicle Services to see what else we can do to improve your vehicle performance. or contact us on 01354 651790 if you have any questions about our vehicle repair services in March, Cambridgeshire.

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