Winter Vehicle Maintenance - Spread the cost

Winter is well and truly here, so many people are getting their winter vehicle checks done in anticipation of the frost, mud and rain that will be a constant on our roads over the next few months. However, for some customers the cost of even a simple winter check could be more than they can afford, which can cause stress and anxiety for people needing their vehicles for work and childcare. Sadly, we know there are people out there who avoid getting essential works done to their vehicles because of the cost, despite how vitally important it is for their safety.

Recently at Donna's MOT and Tyre Centre in March, we began noticing that more and more customers were struggling when it came to paying for work needed on their vehicles. Sometimes it was after an MOT had failed and needed repair work to get the car to pass the MOT; at other times it was due to needing a whole set of new tyres because theirs were below the legal limit. We decided it was time to see how we could help our loyal customers out in these difficult times and so we got in touch with Payment Assist to help us.

Who are Payment Assist?

Payment Assist are a finance company that allow customers to spread the cost of their vehicle repair bills. Better still, they offer this with no interest or fees - unbelievable right??

Rated 5 stars on SafeBuy Payment Assist Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and their service has so far proved invaluable for our customers who have had very costly car repair bills.

How does it work?

Customers at Donna's MOT and Tyre Centre can benefit from using Payment Assist in the following ways:

Get a loan giving a deferred payment period to ease cash flow

Pay no interest or fees

98% acceptance rate, so almost guaranteed approval

Only carry out a soft credit check, which doesn’t leave a ‘footprint’ on your credit history

The repayments are taken from the customers debit card in 4 monthly instalments; (the first of which is taken as a 25% deposit upfront)

If you are struggling one month you can change your payment date and they will send through a revised payment schedule

Reminders when payments are due and how many payments are left

What can I use it for?

Anything... that's right, you can use the interest free loan for any vehicle related repair works. Whether you need a full set of tyres fitting, an engine rebuild, a full service for your car or van, or you need body repair work on your car after an accident.

How do I take advantage of this plan?

Just book your vehicle in for your winter check, MOT or service and let the member of staff know that you would like to pay via Payment Assist. It takes just a couple of minutes and all you need is your debit card - leave the rest to us!

If you'd like more information or you're ready to book your car or van with Donna's garage then give us a call on 01354 651790.

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