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What are Fuel Diamonds and why are they great for older vehicles?

Older vehicle owners, Classic Car fanatics, and all other vehicle owners who don't drive often - listen up!

We are very happy to announce that we are now a distributor for the Fuel Diamonds. They have been tried and tested in Donna's own cars and motorbikes, with huge results. What are Fuel Diamonds you say? Read on below to find out more.

Those of you who own an older vehicle like a classic car that sits in the garage over winter, or if you have a car or motorbike that you don't use often, then the Fuel Diamond is the ideal solution to stop the fuel becoming stale in your tank. The Fuel Diamond stops a potential rapid drop in octane as well as stopping the process of emulsification.

If fuel becomes stale in your tank, it can make starting the engine difficult, as it can block fuel lines, carburettor jets, fuel pumps and more. Now there's no need for the laborious task of draining your fuel tank during winter lay offs, which can allow moisture to enter the vehicle's tank and fuel system - just pop a Fuel Diamond Pill into your tank! Whether you own a car, motorcycle or trike, or even a camper van, these Fuel Diamond Pills will work wonders....

Made from tin and antimony, the tin in the Fuel Diamond stops the octane dropping during vehicle storage, while the antimony basically stops the fuel from going stale and waxing.

And here's the problem with Ethanol - Ethanol attracts water into the fuel tank, a bacteria then grows in the water and around 3 months later produces an acid. This acid then damages the rubber and other parts of the engine. The antimony prevents the bacteria from forming, so you can safely use E10 or E15 fuel even if you usually use E5 fuel, as long as you have a Fuel Diamond pill in your tank.

The same company makes a pill that enables engines with non hardened valve seats to run safely on normal fuel, without the need to carry a bottle of additive around with you.

The Fuel Diamond pills are guaranteed for 5 years and will continue to treat a fuel tank of up to 60 litres time after time. If your fuel tank is larger than 60 litres just put more than one Fuel Diamond in your fuel tank. The Fuel Diamonds are £15.00 +VAT each and can be purchased from us at Donna's Garage in March, Cambridgeshire.

Give us a ring on 01354 651790 to find out more, or to arrange for a Fuel Diamond to be added to your cars regular service.

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