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Why a Summer Check Is Important For Your Car | Donna's MOT & Tyre Centre

Just like we look after our own bodies, (well, some of us do!) it's important to look after your cars' body if you want it to remain healthy and running well for longer. At Donna's MOT & Tyre Centre we perform 50 point checks on all of our vehicles as per the Good Garage Scheme guidelines.

summer health check for your car or campervan at Donna's garage in March Cambridgeshire

A Summer health check is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly, and ensuring there are no issues to be aware of - remember that minor vehicle issues can very quickly become major ones (and more expensive ones) if not picked up early enough. During the Summer months the long, hot days can have a brutal effect on the efficiency of your car.

A Summer health check is key to you enjoying your Summer, so before you start planning those Summer road trips, make sure you've checked that your car is as ready as you are!


1 - Fix Your Car's Air Conditioning

There's nothing worse than being in a car in the Summer with no Air Con. Yes, winding the windows down can help (as long as you're not sat still in traffic), but for those travelling with infant children or animals, Air Conditioning in your car is essential. At Donna's Garage in March we can check your car's air conditioning for you to ensure it is working fully and fix it if not.

2 - Check Your Car Tyres

This is something that many people don't consider in the Summer months, but is just as important now as it is in the Winter. Dry cracked roads, heat and melting tarmac will all cause damage to your tyres, so be sure to get them checked regularly. Also, don't forget about tyre pressure - you'd be surprised how much this can be affected in the Summer months!

3 - Maintain Visibility with Windscreen Checks

This involves ensuring your wiper blades are working properly and aren't corroded, and that your screen wash fluid is topped up, (bugs in the Summer are a nightmare aren't they?!) Remember that important aspects of your car being road legal are the wiper blades and windscreen cleaner fluid working properly.

4 - Prime car battery health to avoid breakdowns

This is especially important if your car has been unused for several months, such as those with vintage cars that sit in garages for several months of the year. Your car may have developed a fault whilst sitting in storage that you are unaware of. Did you know; faulty car batteries are the number one reason why cars breakdown in Summer?? Not only will checking your car battery health mean you have a healthy or new replacement car battery that has no leaks and starts your vehicle correctly; but it can also help to avoid putting undue pressure on other components in the engine, due to the battery being faulty.

5 - Check all headlights and brake lights

Just because the Summer nights are lighter and longer, it doesn't mean you won't need your lights to be in tip top shape! Plus - no matter how light or dark it is, you will always need to ensure you have working brake lights - this is a legal requirement.

If you'd like to get your car booked in for a Summer Check just give Donna's MOT & Tyre Centre in March a call on 01354 651790 or check out our services page to see how we can help you with servicing and repair to your vehicle. You can also read our other blogs for general advice on caring for your car, van, motorbike, trike or camper van.

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